Take Time To Be Quiet

Here is another Poem I hope you will all enjoy!

"All I want is to have a little peace and quiet." Words like these from a frustrated mother or a harried father echo the sentiments of almost everyone these days. We live in a noisy world. Think of the sounds that we hear all the time in our homes. The hum of the refrigerator, the noise of the vent fan, the wound of the dishwasher, the clothes washer and dryer, the ticking of a clock, the food blender, the stereo and hi-fi, the radio and television. All these are sounds so common we hardly realize they are there. On top of this we have the sounds of quarreling children, the neighbor's lawn mower and the passing traffic. And it is no better at the shop or office. There are sounds that are different that continue all day long. Harry Still, in his book In Quest Of Quiet, says, "The noise of civilization has risen so high that more than half of our population may experience a gradual and partial deafness."
Into this frustrating picture we insert the Ward of God: "Be still, and know that I am God," or "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." These are God's prescriptions for our soul's need. Robert Murray McCheyne said, "A calm hour with God is worth a whole lifetime with man." If we want to accomplish anything for God we must take time to be holy. It was Pascal who remarked, "One-half of the ills of life come because people are unwilling to sit down quietly for thirty minutes to think through all the possible consequences of their acts."
Jesus Christ is the source of our peace and quietness.
Slow down. Be still. Let Him calm the storm in your soul.
As I was reading this peom I have thought how many times I haven't taken the time to be quiet and listen to God Because of all the rush rush that I have planned for the day. It's just a reminder to me that I need to stop and smell the roses and Be quiet and let God speak .

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