Here is a Poem that was put in our bulletin at church this morning. When I read the Poem it really touch me, and as I read it I must agree that I have felt like this so many times. But I have found that God's Grace is Sufficient for me!

Have you had some disappointments as you travel life's old road?
Have you Found it hard to carry such a portion of you load?
Have you wondered at the struggle that His will has just bestowed?
HIS grace is sufficient for thee!
Have you wondered just the reason that His hand allows this pain?
Have you tried to trust completely - but to trust seems all in vain?
Do you find that, as you suffer, your own strength begins to wane?
His GRACE is sufficient for thee!
Do the skies seem dark and dismal and the stormclouds hover near?
Do you find it hard to listen while He tells you not to fear?
Do you wonder why His mercy will not every dim hope clear?
His grace IS sufficient for thee!
Yes, our dreams may all be shattered, but our lives are in His hands;
All our hopes and selfish wishes are but built on sinking sands;
Now our hearts' desires have vanished, for our Father's voice commands:
My grace is SUFFICIENT for thee!
Then why should we oft-times wonder at the leading of His will?
And why do we cry in anguish when our life He tries to fill?
Let us praise our Lord and Master as we hear His, "Peace, be still!"
Well that is the poem and so I hope that everyone enjoyed just as much as I did and always remember that God's GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU that read this post. No matter what we go through God will NEVER leave or forsake us.

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Cheryl Watters said...

What a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing! I sure miss seeing you. We also miss you at Women of Worth.