I've heard of a land far away
Where millions in darkness are dying,
And they sadly moan as they pass alone
Through years of endless sighing:
"Oh! We're lost!, and at awful cost,
For we heard not the story old
Of a Savior's love and a home above,
A shelter within the fold."
I see them in anguish and tears
Unable to stifle their moaning;
But in vain they plead, not a soul gives heed,
Nor hearken to their groaning.
Yet, they'll stand at last when their life is past,
And they'll tell as they leave the throne,
That since no one came in the Savior's name,
They suffered and died alone.
Enough that the Master I love,
In sorrow and pain has been calling;
That he bids me bear of their woe my share,
For lo, the night is falling.
And they seek for light in theirhopeless plight,
For the Light that comes from above;
So I gladly go, leaving all below,
To tell them of Jesus' love.


Take Time To Be Quiet

Here is another Poem I hope you will all enjoy!

"All I want is to have a little peace and quiet." Words like these from a frustrated mother or a harried father echo the sentiments of almost everyone these days. We live in a noisy world. Think of the sounds that we hear all the time in our homes. The hum of the refrigerator, the noise of the vent fan, the wound of the dishwasher, the clothes washer and dryer, the ticking of a clock, the food blender, the stereo and hi-fi, the radio and television. All these are sounds so common we hardly realize they are there. On top of this we have the sounds of quarreling children, the neighbor's lawn mower and the passing traffic. And it is no better at the shop or office. There are sounds that are different that continue all day long. Harry Still, in his book In Quest Of Quiet, says, "The noise of civilization has risen so high that more than half of our population may experience a gradual and partial deafness."
Into this frustrating picture we insert the Ward of God: "Be still, and know that I am God," or "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength." These are God's prescriptions for our soul's need. Robert Murray McCheyne said, "A calm hour with God is worth a whole lifetime with man." If we want to accomplish anything for God we must take time to be holy. It was Pascal who remarked, "One-half of the ills of life come because people are unwilling to sit down quietly for thirty minutes to think through all the possible consequences of their acts."
Jesus Christ is the source of our peace and quietness.
Slow down. Be still. Let Him calm the storm in your soul.
As I was reading this peom I have thought how many times I haven't taken the time to be quiet and listen to God Because of all the rush rush that I have planned for the day. It's just a reminder to me that I need to stop and smell the roses and Be quiet and let God speak .



Here is a Poem that was put in our bulletin at church this morning. When I read the Poem it really touch me, and as I read it I must agree that I have felt like this so many times. But I have found that God's Grace is Sufficient for me!

Have you had some disappointments as you travel life's old road?
Have you Found it hard to carry such a portion of you load?
Have you wondered at the struggle that His will has just bestowed?
HIS grace is sufficient for thee!
Have you wondered just the reason that His hand allows this pain?
Have you tried to trust completely - but to trust seems all in vain?
Do you find that, as you suffer, your own strength begins to wane?
His GRACE is sufficient for thee!
Do the skies seem dark and dismal and the stormclouds hover near?
Do you find it hard to listen while He tells you not to fear?
Do you wonder why His mercy will not every dim hope clear?
His grace IS sufficient for thee!
Yes, our dreams may all be shattered, but our lives are in His hands;
All our hopes and selfish wishes are but built on sinking sands;
Now our hearts' desires have vanished, for our Father's voice commands:
My grace is SUFFICIENT for thee!
Then why should we oft-times wonder at the leading of His will?
And why do we cry in anguish when our life He tries to fill?
Let us praise our Lord and Master as we hear His, "Peace, be still!"
Well that is the poem and so I hope that everyone enjoyed just as much as I did and always remember that God's GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU that read this post. No matter what we go through God will NEVER leave or forsake us.


A Church I am attending

Ok I just wanted to start out and say yes I am still living! I know it has been awhile since I have updated my blog. I am just having trouble with getting my pictures from my camera to my computer. Anyways I do have some stuff to update about and when I have time to just sit down and figure out how to get my picture on the computer then I will put some pictures up. Well here it goes. July was our Vacation Bible School and then the last Sunday of July as many of you already know Michael and RuthAnne resigned as being Pastor. So the search went on to find and try new churches. The church where we have been attending is Raisin Center Friends Church. On September 19 we had a Fun Day. They had a moon walk, food, vollyball, cookie decorating, painting pumkins for the little kids and a hayride. I decided that I would take Naomi, Abigail and Zachary and then my mom and dad was gonna stop after they finished up in Adrian. Needless to say we all had a fun time there.