Here is an update FINALLY!

I really do apologize for not keeping my blog updated. I have really been thinking about deleting it because I really don't have much to blog. Anyways I will try to give you the run down on what has been happening since I last posted which was close to the last part of August. Nothing that I can think of right off hand really happened in September. November I was able to go down the weekend after Thanksgiving to my Grandma's house and visit with my Brother and His family. Then in December I had to work Christmas Day so I was able to go down to my Grandma's house and have Christmas with my family the weekend before Christmas, which now brings me up to the end of January. I have been very busy. I started out with working 1 job then I got a call asking me if I would be willing to put his parents to bed at night and get them up in the morning to which I agreed to do. So that put me up to 2 jobs and then I was asked to pick up some more hours for my first job and I accepted and now I am working 3 different jobs. You may ask when do you actually sleep! I honestly do whenever I possibly can. Well now that I have you all updated I will see if there is any pictures that I can add. I'm not real good at this blogging world so please forgive me.