Hearts of Praise

Ok I think it is time for another update! I recently took my computer in to have it updated and they had to completely wipe everything off my computer and reinstall it. Which means all my pictures I had on here and everything else is gone :( So when I get my camera stuff reinstalled onto my computer I will put more pictures on here. Anways April 5 we had a group called Hearts of Praise come from Cincinnati and they were gonna have the morning service on Sunday April 6. Well they arrived late Saturday afternoon and we all met over at the Christian Family Centre to have a little fun by playing a couple of games of Bowling, eating Pizza and Pop. Then Sunday morning our churches Young People made a waffle breakfast for the group and when they were finished eating we closed in prayer. Let me tell you something these young people especially the boys could really put the waffles away! Then after Prayer we all headed over to the church where they young people would since and give us what was on their hearts. They did a FANTASTIC job Sunday morning. I do have pictures of bowling so I will be posting them but I am sorry to inform you that I don't have pictures of Sunday morning because when I went to turn my camera on I found out that my batteries were dead so I wasn't able to get any pictures of them.