An Answer to Prayer!

Well I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything. But I have something I would love to share with everyone. I have an answer to prayer :) I am going march 24-26 for oriantation on a new job! I will be working at Tecumseh Place. I am just so happy but the next several weeks I may not sound happy about it because it is going to be a stressful 2 weeks because of my other job. They are giving me so much grieve but this is something I must do. I have waited and looked and longed for a new job and God has opened up the door and provided me with a new job. I hope everyone is enjoying these nice days that we have been having. Love you all!


This is Abigail and Luke

This is Jason and Steven swimming under water

This is my Dad at poolside relaxing

This is Zachary and I

Luke Zachary and Timothy

This year I was able to go with my parents to meet my brother and his family halfway in Illinois for Christmas/Thanksgiving. We had a Wonderful time while we were there. Here are a very pictures that I was able to take while we were down there. These pictures are of the kids in the pool. There is more pictures to come!