Since it has been awhile since I have updated my blog I thought I would take this time to do so now. It Father's Day was coming up I wanted to do something special for my Dad on Father's Day. So I got onto the internet and looked up Blissfield Dinner Train to see how much it would cost to have dinner on there and take the 3 hour trip. So after I checked into it I asked Sarah and Tony if they would like to go, and they did so when I went to make arrangements I was informed that children 10 and under was not allowed to be on the Dinner train, So the next step was trying to find a babysitter so I made a call to Becky to see if she was busy and to see if she would be willing to babysit for us. She agreed to come and babysit for us. So on June 7 we loaded up into my mom and dad's car and went to Blissfield to board the train at 6:00 pm. When we boarded the train we went and found our name that was on the table and sat down. They had cracker's and cheese waiting for us on our table. Promptly at 7:00 pm the train pulled out from the station and that is when we got our bowl of soup, after we had our soup and they cleared the bowls away we then had a salad then next was the main meal which 3 of us had Prime rib and the other 2 had chicken marcella with red skin mashed potatoes w/ gravy and green beans. Then desert came which was raspberry cheesecake. It was all so good! It was a fun time. So I want to end this by posting some pictures which I will do later but right now I want to Say a BIG THANK YOU TO BECKY FOR COMING OVER AND BABYSITTING SO WE COULD GO.